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About Us

Document Dilemma provides professional legal document preparation and notary services in the State of Florida, Broward County.

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Robbie Hicks

Robbie Hicks is the owner and founder of Document Dilemma LLC. She developed the idea of the company after the death of her parents in 2009 and 2010. The death of her mother not only devastated her emotionally, but also led to a rift between Hicks and her siblings due to the fact that her mother had not left behind a last will.

Having experienced first-hand the emotional strain and familial separation caused by inheritance issues among family members and other dependants, Robbie Hicks became passionate about helping other families plan for the future and secure their assets by helping them acquire and prepare the right legal documents.

Robbie Hicks has a degree in Paralegal Studies from Broward College and is also a member of the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers. In addition to that, Hicks is an appointed Notary public in Florida.

When not working, Hicks enjoys reading and going on weekend adventures. In addition to that, Hicks is passionate about Children’s rights and the empowerment of women. Robbie Hicks is also a volunteer with the local Community Emergency Response Team.

What We Do

At Document Dilemma LLC, we understand that filling and preparing your Florida law compliant legal forms can be a stressful and daunting task.

This is why we are committed to providing you with professional, high quality and personalized legal document assistance in areas around Broward County, Florida.


Some of the services we provide at Document Dilemma LLC include;

  • Assistance in the preparation of power of attorney forms and documents for various purposes

  • Helping you prepare your last will; ensuring that you define and secure the future of your wealth and estate

  • Helping you with your divorce papers and documents in accordance with Florida Family Law

  • Helping with name-change request documents in compliance with Florida law

  • Notary public services in Florida

  • Assistance with preparing documents required for the creation of a corporation in accordance with Florida law

  • Assistance with the preparation of parenting plans in Florida

We also provide some virtual/remote document preparation services.

Why Choose Document Dilemma LLC

Document Dilemma LLC genuinely cares about clients and strives to ensure that their legal documents are professionally and accurately prepared and filed in compliance with Florida law. On top of that, our services are also affordable.

Document Dilemma LLC is guided by 5 core values;

  • Reliability

  • Confidentiality

  • Respect

  • Efficiency

  • Adaptability


Although we help with legal document preparation and notary public services, we are not lawyers and our services do not qualify as legal advice.

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