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Signing a Contract
  • Who is a legal document preparer (LDP)?
    A Legal Document Preparer is a licensed individual who is trained in the preparation of legal documents and ensuring that clients successfully file and serve the documents. However, LDPs are not attorneys. This means they cannot represent clients in court or give legal advice. However, the legal documents they help to prepare can be used as evidence in a court of law.
  • Which Individuals Should Use Document Dilemma’s Services?
    Anyone who requires help in drafting legal documents can benefit from the services offered at Document Dilemma LLC. This includes people planning for the future of their wealth, people planning on divorce and even those seeking to use power of attorney services. Our services are also beneficial to people who are planning on representing themselves in court.
  • Can Lawyers Use Document Dilemma Services?
    The services offered by Document Dilemma may be used by lawyers who are seeking to save time and resources in preparing their legal documents. At Document Dilemma, we value efficiency, timeliness and professionalism.
  • How Much Will it Cost?
    Because LDPs are not attorneys, our fees are significantly lower and therefore more affordable than those charged by attorneys.
  • I Have a Burning Question that is not on the List. What Do I Do?
    If you have a question about legal documents or the process of Legal Document Preparation, reach us on email at or call us on: We will be happy to answer your questions.
Frequently Asked Questions
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